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Enterprise Messaging

Software applications and systems can communicate effectively through the enterprise messaging system (EMS). By sending specific messages back and forth across the business, the semantics may be applied. Where there is a human-to-human interface, EMS may be used to describe email, fax, or instant messages. EMS messages, on the other hand, are asynchronous and contain report and event data designed to be retrieved by enterprise systems rather than by individuals. Read More

WhatsApp Business API

With automated replies, WhatsApp chatbots, and interactive messages, businesses can automate communication by using WhatsApp Business API. In simple words, WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to create a bespoke communication channel that suits their customer’s needs in the best possible manner.With a powerful Whatsapp API, modernise and enhance your customer experience. Connect with your consumers in the simplest yet most dependable way possible. Read More

ILDO SMS (International Long-Distance Operator SMS)

Bulk SMS can be delivered to international customers via International Long-Distance operator routes, which is an effective strategy for quickly reaching a huge audience internationally. Read More

Rich Communication Services (RCS)

The modern protocol for communication between message providers, telecom providers, and OEMs for rich multimedia messaging is known as Rich Communication Service. It has all you need for advanced communications of the newest generation.
You must be thinking…….what can be done with Rich Communication Services?
Well, here we have a list.
Send branded message, establish chat groups, send high-resolution media, such as pictures, audio files, videos, and gifs, as well as deep links to CTAs, and get an understanding of how well your messages are performing. Read More

Apple Business Messaging

With the help of Apple Messages for Business, your business may use the Messages app to communicate directly with customers. You may also help your customers resolve problems, make plans, buy things, or pay with Apple Pay by utilising the full potential of the iMessage framework. For the purpose of handling client inquiries through Messages for Business, businesses work with a Messaging Service Provider (MSP). Depending on your configuration, your clients may use your website, app, emails, or other touch points to initiate a conversation through a Messages for Business entry point. Customers may also locate your company and initiate contact with you via Apple Maps or by tapping on your phone number, depending on your configuration. With Apple Business, you can chat with your clients 24x7, 365 days and give them a personalized customer experience. Send out messages that are consistent and customized, and improve the customer experience. Boost your income. Expand your company. Simple Integration. Identify your target audience. Read More